• Jovana Nikolic is born on 20th of November, 1982 in Belgrade.
  • Finished Music school "Josip Slavenski" in Belgrade, major in Solo singing and vocal specailist
  • Studied Acting school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade
  • Graduate of Law Faculty at the Belgrade University


  • In 2004. Jovana takes part in Beovision festival, with the song “After you” composed by Vladimir Graic, (composer of the winning song Molitva, representing Serbia at the Eurovision song contest) lyrics by Svetalana Slavkovic and arranged by Marko Kon and Alexandar Kobac. Thanks to hers extraordinary voice abilities and good song, Jovana enters immediately into the finals for the Serbian Eurovision song contest. In competition with most eminent singers in our country Jovana takes 6th place.

  • Same year Jovana appears at the music festival “Mediterranian song” in Budva, Montenegro, with composition “Porcelain doll”. She becomes young artist, for whom even the greatest musical experts are predicting successful singing carrier in the future.

  • In 2006 she performs the movie soundtrack “Take a deep breath”, composed and arranged by Vlada Markovic. She gets the offer to sign the contract for national publishing house PGP RTS that she refuses, due to many obligations in her Law studies at the University.

  • In 2007 Jovana performs one more soundtrack, “In the name of father and son”, composed by Aleksandar Milic Mili. That is the first Montenegrin movie in the history of their Cinematography.

  • In 2009, Jovana starts working on her first solo album. Despite being the novice in the music industry, according to critics, Jovana makes ”the most serious album done in the last decade” in Serbia. She is also one of the authors on the album.


  • The album “Take a deep breath” gathers the most prominent names in the music industry from the whole of the Balkan region: Leontina Pat, Darko Dimitrov, Zana, Kiki Lesendric, Aleksandra Sara Milutinovic are just some of them. Jovana is also the author of some songs.
  • The duet song called “Dodole” featuring Flamingoes, announces the album. It successfully caught the attention of the audiences and became very popular in Serbian clubs and on radio stations.

  • The first single and the video of the album, the song “Moli moli” immediately becomes the No. 1 Summer hit on all the dance charts in the region – Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, etc. Its video won the record in Serbian music history for 500.000 downloads in just ONE week, and more than 2 milions ever since.

Return to the music scene 2015.

  • The premiere of the new video for the song "Najbolja", with which Jovana Nikolic returned to the music scene.
  • Duet with Marija Šerifović 2016.

    • After years of friendship, the singer Marija Serifovic and Jovana Nikolic recorded a duet.

      • Jovana comes from the well-known family of movie directors and diplomats. She is well mannered, with firm attitude and extremely urban and well-nurtured looks. Her angel voice with a huge span of 4 scales, and the irresistible charisma, is what makes Jovana so different.
      • Having in mind the fact tthat she has the loads of the material of the highest quality to trigger the audiences, and already big popularity among vast span of listeners,